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Energy Saving Trust helps organisations of every shape and size cut their business transport costs and reduce their carbon output.

Our transport advice services are fully funded by Transport Scotland, an agency of the Scottish Government. Depending on your business needs, our advice and training is delivered completely free or at a subsidised rate.

Whatever stage you are at, we can help you move forward. The ways in which we can help include:

  • Business Transport Review: Bespoke recommendations to help you save costs and carbon.
  • Low Carbon Transport Loan: Advice to access available funding.
  • Charging Infrastructure: funding available for installations.
  • FuelGood driver training: 1-2-1 driver training to help Scottish businesses and their employees save on fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions.

FuelGood driver training

EST works with approved driver trainers across Scotland to provide FuelGood driver training to organisations at a subsidised rate.

Training your employees to drive more efficiently can dramatically reduce your fuel costs. We’ve trained over 13,000 Scottish drivers, helping them to learn new skills and drive more sustainably.

Save up to


for a car with an annual mileage of around 8,100 miles.

Employees could see a


improvement in their driving MPG



Scottish organisations have benefited to date

Quick facts about FuelGood

  • Training is delivered by qualified instructors with a car, fuel and insurance all provided.
  • You’ll learn how to reduce wear and tear on tyres, brakes and clutches - which means lower maintenance costs.
  • Employees learn to drive more safely, lowering the risk of having an accident.
  • Staff savings - employees can use their training to make savings on their personal driving.


of drivers surveyed said FuelGood training has changed the way they drive.


of drivers surveyed recommended FuelGood training.

See how much your organisation could save in fuel costs. Enter the number of people who drive for business purposes in your organisation.

Training drivers could save my organisation up to £2,100 every year

(Based on an average 8,700 miles per year, per car).

Business Transport Review

Each year, our regional transport advice teams have helped employers save £900,000 and 1,800 tonnes of CO2.

Whether you have a specific business challenge, or just want a detailed review of your transport operations, we can help. Our expert advisors will work with you to pinpoint exactly where and how you can cut your costs.

On average, companies save over


after a business transport review

Cut their carbon emissions by



and build a sustainable business transport strategy

Sustainable travel planning

Quick facts about Business Transport Review

  • Your bespoke report will include a full cost analysis, a comparison with more efficient vehicles and fleet management technology advice.
  • Support can be provided to reduce the risk and costs associated with grey fleet (employees driving their own cars on business and claiming back mileage).
  • We’ll help you develop a business case for change, and advise on how to implement policies effectively.
  • Your report will include independent advice to help you decide if electric vehicles would work for your business.

Low Carbon Transport Loan

Interest-free loans of up to £100,000 are available to help make your transport more efficient and reduce the carbon footprint of your organisation.

Loans can be used to help invest in:

  • Plug-in electric vehicles (up to £10,000 per bike and £35,000 per car or van).
  • Vehicle monitoring and efficiency devices including telematics.
  • Video and teleconferencing facilities (to reduce the need for travel).
  • Cycling facilities.

Don't just take our word for it...

"Introducing electric vehicles is helping us drive down costs and reduce our carbon footprint. I encourage organisations to make full use of Energy Saving Trust’s free review service."

Laurie Russell, Chief Executive, The Wise Group

"34 staff members undertook the training with really positive feedback and eventual results. If all staff completed the training the estimated annual savings for sportscotland are 11.4 tonnes of carbon, and as an additional benefit colleagues would save £6,300 in fuel costs."

Alison Gardiner, sportscotland